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Opened by Admin - 2017-10-01

FS#2175 - reworking IPv6 datacenter DCJ1

We are going to reworking the current IPv6 deployment in datacenter DCJ1.
We will implement more redundancy (FHRP/ECMP) and automated routing in datacenter for ordered IPv6 netblocks.
Sunday, 01 October 2017, 18:01 GMT
Time window for work:
02.10.2017, 0800h CEST - 13.10.2017, 1800h CEST

expected impact for customers:
* only impact for IPv6 is expected!
* multiple time loss of connection to IPv6 gateway (up to 30 minutes)
* routing changes
* routing loops inside the DC may occur
Tuesday, 17 October 2017, 05:04 GMT
Work was extended until 30.10.2017
Friday, 10 November 2017, 09:38 GMT
work has been extended until 30.11.2017
Friday, 10 November 2017, 09:39 GMT
we have switched the IPv6 routing today to the new infrastructure
Tuesday, 14 November 2017, 13:47 GMT
we have published the new automated IPv6 netblock management module via customer panel


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